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Archival shot of a student performance



The Stratford Festival Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is open to any student currently enrolled in Grades 9–12. No experience is necessary: we want your voice to be part of the conversation.

The SAC will offer students the opportunity to share their perspectives in a safe and nurturing environment as they evaluate and reflect on programs catering to school groups and their counterparts.

Members of the committee will sit for a one-year term, which may be extended to two years. Because the SAC may be featured in promotional/marketing material for the Festival, its members must be willing to:

  • Be filmed during masterclasses, curriculum-building exercises and other education-related activities.
  • Be interviewed about their experiences.
  • Be photographed for promotional purposes.

SAC members are also are expected to commit at least 10 to 30 hours of their time to volunteering in our Day Camps (Spring and Summer) and PA Days.

To be considered for SAC membership, please complete the application form (see below) and email it to by September 15, 2019.

Application Form