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Patron and Donor Privacy Protection Commitment 
The Stratford Festival acknowledges the individual’s right to privacy and is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its patrons’ personal information. The Festival’s privacy policy provides patrons with all of the safeguards standardized in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). 

The Stratford Festival collects personal information in order to complete patron requests, ticket orders, charitable donations and to enhance the theatregoing experience as much as possible. We may contact you by mail, phone or email. Depending on the nature of a patron’s relationship with the Festival, such information may include the following: home address, phone and fax number(s), email address(es), credit card number(s), date of birth, name(s) and age(s) of spouse/partner and/or dependents, familial relationships, a complete record of all tickets purchased and donations made, requests for brochures, and preferences or special needs identified by the patron, such as special-access seating or hearing assistance devices. 

The Stratford Festival does not to lend, rent or sell its patron list to any organization or individual. There are certain limited circumstances where it is necessary to send patron information to a third-party. The Festival does contract third-party agencies to prepare mailings and conduct research on its behalf, in addition where required by law and/or for patron security, personal information could be provided to law enforcement. When we do provide your personal information to said third-parties, we provide only the information that is required in the circumstances, which may include mailing address, phone number or email address. Information provided is used only for the purpose stipulated and is subject to strict terms of confidentiality. 

If you have questions about your personal privacy or would like a copy of our full Patron Privacy Statement, please write to: Stratford Festival Attention: Sarah Hamza, Director Audience Development and Privacy Officer, 55 Queen Street, P.O. Box 520, Stratford, Ontario N5A6V2

Secure Web Server
The Stratford Festival employs Secure Server Technology using encryption for the secure exchange of data between the patron and our system. This web site is secured using a Digital Certificate.   

Credit Card Numbers
Our system passes the credit card information through its system, but does not retain any credit card numbers on our web server.

Personal Information
All of your information, including passwords and credit card numbers, will be encrypted. All of the forms on our site are secured so your personal information stays safe. You can also unsubscribe any time to stop receiving electronic communications from us. Simply navigate to My Account and update your communication preferences.